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Woman arrested for stealing Bible from Walmart

By Mason White 9:02 AM June 3, 2014
Frances Thomas 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman needs God in her life, but rather than going to a church she went to Walmart.

33-year-old Frances Thomas, wanted a Bible. However, instead of asking a pastor for one, she stole a Bible from her local Walmart.

When the woman was stopped by the loss prevention staff they found the Bible along with several pairs of socks and some cheese.

Thomas of Spartanburg, South Carolina, was booked on charges of theft and taken to the county jail on Saturday, after the alleged incident, according to a police report.

A worker for loss prevention with Walmart said that they saw Thomas select a Bible, several packages of socks and some cheese, but rather than going to the checkout line to pay for the stuff, she hid everything in her purse and walked out the store.

Police said that the stolen items were recovered “and are all resalable.”