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Pastor hires his mistress and her husband to burn his wife alive

By Mason White 10:05 AM June 6, 2014
Christopher David and Brandy Lee Hicks arrested 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) Three people were arrested in a bizarre plot to kill a pastor’s wife.

69-year-old Donald Lafferty, who is a pastor and former School Board member in southeast Missouri, is accused of hiring a couple to kill his wife.

Lafferty was allegedly having an affair with 33-year-old Brandy Lee Hicks. He asked her and her husband to burn his wife by setting their house on fire, while his wife was inside.

Prosecutors said that Lafferty offered to pay his mistress and her husband, whom he met through the church where he was the pastor, to burn his house.

The payment amount depended upon the “outcome of the fire.” Lafferty allegedly wanted his wife to die in the house fire so it looked like and accident.

The house was set on fire while the pastor’s wife, Mildred Lafferty, was sleeping inside the residence. Thankfully, she awoke by the heat of the fire. She managed to run out of the house and called for help.

Hicks and her husband, Christopher David Hicks, 34, both of Dexter, face charges of attempted murder, armed criminal action and first-degree arson.

The pastor was also charged with attempted murder amongst other charges. His bonds was set at $750,000 cash only.