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Mother and son die while trying to retrieve cellphone from feces filled sewer

By Mason White 10:31 AM June 6, 2014
The newly widowed husband at the sewer 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A family is mourning after they lost two loved ones within five minutes.

A man and his mother were killed and three others were wounded in a sewer in the Henan province, in China.

The tragedy began when a cellphone belonging to a woman accidentally fell into the sewer. Her husband went into the sewer to retrieve it. Before he was able to find the 2,000 yuan ($320) cellphone he was overcome by the fumes and lost consciousness.

The man’s mother went into the sewer to try to help her son while other family members including the woman’s daughter-in-law stood nearby.

Sadly, the mother also fainted. In panic, the mother’s husband and her daughter-in-law followed immediately, but they too suffered a similar fate, caused by overpowering fumes.

Two neighbors entered the sewer, but also fell ill. The smell and toxins were too strong, causing them to lose consciousness.

Other villagers found a rope and began rescuing the people inside the sewer. All six people were pulled out and taken to a hospital.

The mother and son died in the hospital while a female neighbor remains in the intensive care unit. The father-in-law of the woman to whom the cellphone belonged, was also injured.

“Two lives were gone in five minutes. My nephew left behind a one-year-old child, and my cousin’s wife is still in a coma,” the dead man’s uncle said.