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Man electrocutes his wife while talking to police dispatcher because she gave birth to a girl

By Mason White 12:30 PM June 8, 2014
V.T. and M.T. 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man who was extremely angry that his wife gave birth to a girl, killed her while she was asleep, police in Turkey said.

The man of Diyarbakir, called police to inform them that he was killing his wife just a day after she gave birth to her second daughter.

Police said that V.T., 29, killed his wife, M.T., 33, by electrocuting her head while she sleeping. The husband used a power cord and gloves to protect himself from the electrical current.

The man was on the phone with a police dispatcher when he killed his wife. The defense attorney of the husband is blaming the police dispatcher for not convincing the husband to abandon his evil plan.

“Clearly, the police dispatcher made no effort to convince the husband not to murder his wife. If the dispatcher had done something, the woman might have been alive today,” the attorney said.

V.T. later told police that he was overcome by an evil power to kill his wife and could not resist. However, a lawyer for the woman told a court that the husband killed the woman because she gave birth to a girl.