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Man seen on video using his baby’s back as drum set

By Mason White 12:34 PM June 8, 2014
Brad Kuehner drumming on his son’s back 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man recorded a video that showed him using his baby’s back as a drum set, a video uploaded to YouTube showed.

The video that was uploaded last week, has since gone viral on the Internet, and has racked up 1 milion views.

This video showed the experienced drummer father using his son’s back as a turntable, pounding out a beat while the shrieks of the small boy provided great sound effects. Brad Kuehner, who plays drums for the rock band Atticus Avenue, and his little son Max, have an unusual bond.

Brad regularly practices his beats using Max as his mini-drum kit, drumming on his back and even using the diaper as a saucer. Brad’s beats are impressive on his own, but what really makes this video awesome is the contribution of Max.

The melody is punctuated with adorable giggles and squeals of the baby that align perfectly with the rhythm of the father. The end result sounds like an expertly mixed track of a professional DJ with computerized sound effects, but Brad said that the clip has not been edited or modified.

“Everything is real,” he said. “I have been asked several times, if this was mixed, altered or improved in any way, and the answer is ‘no,’” the 29-year-old father posted on Facebook.

The father and son team is naturally in sync. The huge smile on Max’s face as he sits up at the end of the video suggests that Brad has definitely passed on his love of music to his son.