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Female sales executives get big payout because their boss loved looking at their chests

By Mason White 12:41 PM June 8, 2014
Diana Nicholl-Pierson (left) and Anna Mazover 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Two female sales executives will receive compensation after proving that their boss harassed them by constantly looking at their chests, a court in the United Kingdom ruled.

53-year-old Darren Scott, was obsessed by the breasts of 24-year-old Diana Nicholl-Pierson.

Scott openly stared at her breasts at his office located in Mayfair. Scott, who is married and worked as the head of sales, was also accused of groping the behind and stroking 29-year-old Anna Mazover.

He told the two women that they should get rid of their boyfriends because he was rich and could buy them expensive gifts. The two women were fired from Entic Corporation Ltd., shortly after they complained of sexual harassment.

A panel found that Scott often looked at the women’s breasts instead of their faces. Scott deliberately stroked the behind of Nicholl-Pierson during a fire drill at a restaurant.

However, the women falsely claimed that Scott asked them for a threesome at his apartment. Scott claimed that he can no longer have sex due to an illness.

The women will be rewarded up to 30,000 pounds ($51,000) each.