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Mother flies to Spain with daughter’s passport despite their different skin colors

By Mason White 1:53 PM June 8, 2014
Sally and Shelby Nayler 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman was allowed to fly to Spain, using her daughter’s passport despite the fact that the two look nothing like each other and have different skin colors.

The mother, 48-year-old Sally Nayler of Britain, was on her way to Spain when she accidentally picked up her daughter’s passport when leaving in a rush to the airport.

Nayler traveled with 12 people including friends and family members. She was allowed to pass the Southend Airport in Essex, and board the plain with her 17-year-old daughter’s passport, no questions asked.

The woman did not realize her mistake until she was ready to head back home. In Spain, she was asked for her own passport.

Nayler took a look at the passport she was holding and was shocked to see that it was the passport of her daughter, who looks nothing like her.

Nayler said that her daughter is of mixed race and has an afro hairdo, leaving her stunned at the lack of security back at home in Britain.

Nayler was forced to stay behind while the group headed home. Her aunt offered to stay with her while they work things out.

British Consulate staff workers arranged for an emergency passport and she returned to Britain the next day.

A spokeswoman for Southend Airport, has apologized for the mistake and said a full investigation was currently underway.