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New restaurant allows diners to eat in extreme darkness

By Mason White 11:43 AM June 9, 2014
Waiter at The Whale Belly Dark Restaurant 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A new restaurant in China, is offering consumers a chance to eat in extreme darkness in order to enhance the sense of taste.

Waiters at The Whale Belly Dark Restaurant, are equipped with military grade night vision goggles, which allow them to serve.

The waiters welcome you at the door and take you through the dark corridors. Without vision you must use your sense of smell, sound, texture and flavor to evaluate your meal.

Cellphones, lighters, watches that glow in the dark, bright lights and other items are kept in lockers to optimize the dark experience. This is not the first restaurant that offered a dark experience.

A restaurant in Zurich, began offering diners the dark experience many years ago, as an effort to provide jobs for blind and disabled people. However, The Whale Belly Dark Restaurant is the first dark restaurant in Asia.

Not only do guests enjoy a greater sense of taste, but there are fewer distractions. The restaurant is located at 2008 Gonghexin Road, in the Daning International Business District.

“Taste, smell, touch and hearing are all you’ve got to go on in the Whale Belly, where sight is off the menu. Your servers are equipped with night vision goggles so they can serve you in complete darkness. Many diners claim their taste buds and nose are sharper when they’re sightless, and Whale Belly delivers, serving surprise set menus that add to the fun. You might not be absolutely certain about what you just ate, but chances are it will be delicious. The Bible’s Job never had it so good,” the company wrote on its website.