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Truck driver gets money back after prostitute accidentally defecated on his blanket

By Mason White 10:55 AM June 9, 2014
Prostitute illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
Truck stops are a popular place for prostitutes to hang out and find work.

One truck driver however, got more than he bargained for when a prostitute defecated on his blanket in the truck during sex.

The incident that occurred in Zimbabwe, drew a crowd of onlookers when the disgusted truck driver demanded his money back.

A security guard nearby, who was identified as Tshuks, said that the woman begged for forgiveness, saying that she had been suffering from stomach pains and diarrhea.

“She had diarrhea during sex and soiled the customer’s blankets. The man forcibly pushed her out of the vehicle with the dirty blanket,” a witness said.

The driver has demanded his $10 back and drove off. The woman’s friends defended her, saying that she attended the birthday party of a friend, and at the party she had a lot to eat and drink.

Given that she was drunk, she thought she was going to bed, but instead of going home, the woman decided to join them at work.

It was then that she seduced the truck driver and all hell broke loose.