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Mother arrested after sending nude selfie of herself to daughter’s 15-year-old friend

By Mason White 11:35 AM June 9, 2014
Heather Salines 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A mother betrayed her family by having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s friend.

38-year-old Heather Salines of Massachusetts, who is a married woman and mother of two children, has been charged with multiple counts of rape.

Salines is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage daughter’s male friends. The incident came to light after the woman and the 15 year old exchanged nude photos of themselves.

The teenage boy then boasted about having sex with the older woman, and had the photos to prove it. The 15-year-old boy showed the nude selfies to other students.

Authorities were called to the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus, after one of those students told school officials about the nude selfies.

Salines was charged with six counts of aggravated rape of a child, one count of enticement of a minor and one count of dissemination of pornography to a minor.

The woman reportedly told police that it was the teen’s idea to go to the hotel for sex as her daughter was always around when he was at her home. She also allegedly told police: “When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15 year old, he acted like a grown man.”

Salines was freed after posting $7,500 bail. She was ordered to stay away from the 15-year-old boy and his family.