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Man pees on stranger’s lawn and shoots homeowner who watched him urinate

By Mason White 12:11 PM June 9, 2014
Gilberto Martinez 

By: Anika Rao
Peeing in public is against the law, and exposing oneself to children is also a crime.

A man in Florida, decided to do just that. He exposed himself in front of a house while children were inside.

When the homeowners asked the man to stop urinating on their lawn and to close his zipper as there were children around he became angry and shot the homeowners.

28-year-old Gilberto Martinez of Miami, was arrested and charged with attempted murder after shooting at the homeowners while peeing on the property.

Jose Martinez, who has no family relationship with the perpetrator, and Genaro Merlos returned home from the store and saw Martinez urinating in front of the house.
The two men told him that he should not be doing that because there were young children at home.

Gilberto Martinez allegedly took offense to the comment and pulled out a handgun, shooting Jose Martinez three times in the torso area.

Gilberto Martinez fled from the scene, but was later arrested. He allegedly admitted to shooting Jose Martinez.

Gilberto Martinez is charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder. His bail was set $50,000. He was also ordered to be on house arrest once he posts bail.