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Hilton Hotels chef arrested for stealing oil and eggs

By Mason White 1:29 PM June 10, 2014
Hilton in Abuja 

By: Aarav Sen
A Hilton Hotels chef was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly stealing food from the kitchen, police in Nigeria said.

26-year-old Wenike Wisdom of Abuja, was accused of taking seven bottles of milk for his personal use.

He is also accused of taking oil and eggs. Wisdom was charged with three counts of burglary, theft and robbery.

Daniel Mensuk, a security officer at the Transcorp Hilton in Maitama, reported the chef to police. He said that his team observed the suspect enter a bar, and left with seven bottles of milk, three tuna rolls, three Kiwis, oil and eggs.

He said that the defendant fled from the scene before police arrived. If convicted, the defendant faces up to five years in prison or a fine.

Wisdom was booked into jail and is being held in lieu of N100,000 ($615) bail.