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Mother arrested after leaving her 3-month-old daughter alone in a park with bottles of vodka

By Mason White 5:50 PM June 10, 2014
Baby carriage illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A woman was arrested on charges of child neglect after her baby was found at a public park with bottles of alcohol, Israel Police said.

The Rishon Lezion Police Department said that passersby found the three-month-old girl in the park located on Eli Cohen Street.

When they couldn’t find the child’s mother or father they called the police. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found the baby laying in a carriage with multiple bottles of vodka and some glasses.

The police officers took the child to the police station. Half an hour later the baby’s father came to the station to file a missing persons report.

The police told him that they found the girl alone at the park. The father quickly blamed his drunk wife for leaving the baby unattended.

Police arrested the mother on charges of child neglect.