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Man who sued prostitute for refund ordered to pay her even more money

By Mason White 11:41 AM June 10, 2014
Money changing hands 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man was left disappointed after a judge dismissed his lawsuit and ordered him to pay additional fees to a prostitute.

The man of New Zealand, who was identified as Mr. N., sued the prostitute in court, arguing that he had not received a satisfactory job when he hired her for a sexual favor.

The court heard that Mr. N. hired a private investigator to locate Ms. M. after meeting with her in February. The two had an argument that night and ended their time together before he was able to receive the services he believed he was entitled to.

He claimed that the prostitute was guilty of breach of contract, violation of privacy, harassment, mental distress, humiliation and defamation.

Mr. N. was asking for money including the $120 he paid for services not rendered to him. He also wanted money for a cellphone he lost at that time.

In court, Mr. N. said that the experience was very disturbing because he had hired the woman to provide him with pleasure, but it turned out the opposite.

However, he lost his case. In fact, in addition to paying his own legal fees, the judge also ordered him had to pay the woman’s legal fees.

During sentencing, New Zealand High Court Justice Woodhouse, said that the lawsuit was a “sinister use of the court’s processes.” The judge also noted that prostitution laws in the country allow women to refuse contact with the man if she so chooses to do so.