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Woman caught without clothes while sexually assaulting three boys aged between 7 and 10

By Mason White 12:59 PM June 10, 2014
Anne Elizabeth Doubler 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man was horrified when he walked in on his girlfriend, who was without clothes and with three young boys.

30-year-old Anne Elizabeth Doubler of South Dakota, was arrested and banned from having contact with the victims.

Police were called after Doubler’s boyfriend walked into their Sioux Falls home with their 4-year-old son, and found her without clothes.

Three young boys were also at the home. When the boys, two of whom are 7 and one is 10 years old, saw the boyfriend they fled from the house.

Police later questioned the boys as well, and Doubler allegedly admitted to having sexual contact with the boys.

The boys are not related to Doubler, but they live in apartments nearby, police said. Two of the three victims are brothers.

Police are still working to identify if there are other victims. Judge John Schlimgen set her bail at $50,000 cash only.

Doubler will be allowed to have supervised visitation with her own 4-year-old son.