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4 men arrested for spray painting ‘death to Jews’ on synagogue wall

By Mason White 3:31 AM June 12, 2014
Spray painted swastika illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
Four men were arrested on charges of vandalism after spray painting “death to Jews” on a synagogue wall, police in Bulgaria said.

The hateful graffiti along with a swastika was painted on a fence outside the main synagogue in Sofia.

The house of worship is the largest of two synagogues still operating in Bulgaria. About 2,200 Jews live in the country, according to the latest statistics.

On Tuesday, police arrested the four men, aged between 19 and 20. Investigators said that they were able to identify the four suspects by reviewing security camera footage from the area.

In may, two high school students were arrested and charged with hate crimes after allegedly spray painting anti-Jewish graffiti, police in Maryland said. The two Potomac high school students spray painted hateful messages on a synagogue and buses used by a child care center.

Police did not reveal the messages because they were too hurtful. The two students, both 16 years old, have been accused of committing hate crimes and may face other charges.

They were caught after being seen on surveillance video. Their names were not released because they are minors.

Police are also investigating whether the two are connected to other acts of vandalism in the county. A swastika was painted on a sign outside the synagogue. A private house was also vandalized.