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Aspiring female doctor jailed after rubbing hot pepper in girls’ eyes and privates

By Mason White 2:42 PM June 11, 2014
Rahma Sultana 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman was sentenced to jail after she abused school girls.

Aspiring doctor Rahma Sultana, 35, of Sunderland, United Kingdom, was called a “manipulative and devious woman” by a judge.

Sultana was found guilty of abusing the girls. The court heard that she rubbed hot pepper into the eyes and private parts of the girls.

Sultana began a campaign of violent abuse against two children and left scars on them for life, the Newcastle Crown Court heard.

The older of the two girls finally told a staff member of the school about the abuse.

Sultana burned the girls with hair straighteners, she bit them on the hand, stabbed them with a pen, hit them with a glass bottle, and rubbed hot pepper in their eyes and against their private parts.

Sultana defended her actions by saying that she believed the “discipline” would “benefit the girls academically.” The woman also told the judge that the girls were liars, and that they had fabricated their accounts of the abuse.

Judge Simon Hickey sentenced Sultana to two and a half years in prison after calling her a “manipulative, devious woman.”