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39-year-old man arrested for trying to shoot the moon

By Mason White 12:54 PM June 12, 2014
Cameron Read 

By: Anika Rao
A man was arrested on charges of discharging a firearm after he tried to shoot the moon, police in Arizona said.

39-year-old Cameron Read of Prescott Valley, told police officers as he was being arrested that he was just trying to shoot the moon.

The incident began when police were investigating a possible domestic disturbance on Friday. They received a call from a woman, who said that her boyfriend had fired several shots from a handgun and was still armed.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, said that Read resisted arrest and allegedly caused damage to the residence after refusing to leave. Witnesses at the scene told police that Read spoke about seeing a comet before firing a round through the window.

Later, they heard more shots as they were fleeing from the house. No one was injured. Read admitted to firing the gun several times and said he was trying to hit the moon.

He told police officers that he was not trying to harm anyone, and he admitted to smoking marijuana before the incident.