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School worker takes away child’s lunch and throws it in garbage because he was $0.26 short

By Mason White 12:58 PM June 12, 2014
School lunch illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
Washington parents are angry after a school worker took away a child’s lunch and threw it in the garbage because he was a few cents short.

The incident unfolded at the Mill Creek Middle School.

Jimmie Keys said that his son was humiliated after it happened twice. Kent schools serve 19,000 meals a day in a district with 28,000 students.

Each meal costs 40 cents, and many students pay through a food bill, which is similar to a debit card. Parents can use their credit or debit card to load money into the accounts.

The day of the incident, the son of Keys had only 14 cents left in his account. School district spokesperson Chris Loftis said that the incident was a terrible mistake that should not have happened.

The school is required to give students, who cannot afford lunch, free food like yogurt or cereal. That did not happen.

Parents must also be notified when an account is short of food or about to be. Keys said that he never received a notification.

Keys also said that he is glad the district has apologized and plans to take steps to prevent this from happening again to his son or any other student.