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Woman tells men to take a hike as she collects 10,000 Hello Kitty items worth $100,000

By Mason White 1:00 PM June 12, 2014
Natasha Goldsworth with her Hello Kitty collection 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman of the United Kingdom, said that she does not enjoy men as much as her Hello Kitty items.

29-year-old Natasha Goldsworth of Exeter, is struggling to find a man because her apartment is packed with the Hello Kitty collectibles.

Goldsworth, who is a horse trainer, became addicted to the cartoon as a teenager and has spent 15 years collecting the 10,000 items. Each room of her small apartment is now full of Hello Kitty accessories, including jewelry, furniture, clothing, curtains and 4,000 stuffed animals.

The Hello Kitty items are a big turnoff to men, but Natasha said that she is happy to push them away if they do not want to accept her obsession. Natasha’s obsession began in 2000, when a school friend gave her a small Hello Kitty notebook as a gift.

She fell in love with the cute little cat and started buying larger items, such as curtains, lunch boxes and rubber balls. Her one bedroom apartment is packed to the brim with everything from kitchenware to clothing.

She admitted that she has to sacrifice on other things to fund her addiction, and said that she has not been on vacation or a restaurant for years. She is thinking of moving to a bigger place to have room for more Hello Kitty items.