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Police officer places hidden camera in gas station bathroom and uploads videos of strangers on the Internet

By Mason White 10:50 AM June 12, 2014
David Cerna 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) People were disturbed when they found videos of themselves using a bathroom on the internet.

When Rob Cheney came across the video of himself using a public bathroom he was outraged. He contacted a television station to help him investigate.

“When I saw myself poop, I was like ‘you gotta be kidding me,’” Cheney said. The investigation led to a gas station bathroom in St. Louis, Missouri.

Chesterfield Police Chief Ray Johnson said that 33-year-old David Cerna confessed to planting the camera near the toilet at a “Mobile on the Run” gas station.

The police officer was arrested and fired from his job. He was charged with invasion of privacy for illegally recording men and boys using the public restroom and posting the videos online.