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Family member takes video as doctor removes ringing cellphone from man’s throat

By Mason White 10:23 AM June 13, 2014
Doctors removing the phone 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A bizarre incident was caught on video.

A man swallowed a cellphone and doctors were able to hear it ring inside his throat.

The man was rushed to a hospital after he had a hard time breathing.

Doctors discovered that the man had swallowed his cellphone for some odd reason. In order to locate the phone a doctor asked a family member to call it.

The phone began ringing in the man’s throat. Doctors were able to remove the phone without surgery. The video of the phone being pulled from the man’s throat was uploaded to the Internet.

This is not the first time that a cellphone became logged inside a person’s throat. In another incident, a jury convicted a man of second-degree domestic assault for shoving a cellphone at his girlfriend’s throat.

Prosecutors said that 25-year-old Marlon Brando Gill of Kansas City, Missouri, shoved a cellphone into the mouth of Melinda Abell, during an argument.

Gill denied the charges, claiming that his girlfriend tried to swallow the phone to prevent him from finding out who had called her.

Abell, 25, of Blue Springs, was rushed to a hospital where doctors removed the phone. Doctors said she almost died from a blocked airway.

Gill was sentenced to six years in prison after he was found guilty of the assault.