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Woman marries husband of her husband’s mistress after discovering that her husband was cheating

By Mason White 10:13 AM June 13, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Two couples filed for divorce after their infidelities were publicized.

The trouble began when a woman of Taiwan, discovered that her husband was cheating.

The woman who had been married to her husband for more than 10 years, discovered that her husband had been sending and receiving text messages during the night.

The woman, identified as Chen, found more incriminating evidence when she looked through her husband’s emails.

Chen found intimate emails between her husband and his mistress, who is his colleague. When Chen confronted her husband he confessed to cheating.

That is when Chen decided to tell the mistress’ husband about the affair and asked him to keep his wife away from her husband.

Things took a weird turn when the two victims of infidelity began having an affair and became lovers.

When the new pair’s love affair was uncovered, both couples decided to file for divorce from their spouses so they can be with their lover.