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Health Ministry warns that Moscow vodka can kill you

By Mason White 6:13 PM June 15, 2014
Moscow vodka 

By: Aarav Sen
The Israel Health Ministry has warned consumers not to drink Moscow vodka after it had detected toxic levels of methanol in the beverage.

Greish Deutsch, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry, said that said that the vodka contains methanol above human safety levels.

The amount of methanol found in the drink was 367 times above the safety level.

The bottle of vodka is sold in glass bottles of 200 ml with a sticker containing a picture of the Kremlin. The alcohol is produced in Beit Shemesh, and is sold throughout the country.

Deutsch also said that according to information received from the Health Ministry, methanol is highly toxic to the central nervous system and can cause permanent blindness and death. The Health Ministry is currently testing other brands of alcohol being sold to the Israeli consumers.