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Cheating on spouse helps lose weight study shows

By Mason White 11:45 AM June 15, 2014
Skinny woman illustration 

By: Anika Rao
Cheating on one’s spouse is not ethical, but may have a benefit for overweight people.

A new study showed that cheating caused people to lose weight.

The reported that Craig Johnson, professor of psychology at the University of Birmingham, found that participating in an extra-marital affairs helped people lose weight as cheating puts a tremendous amount of pressure on an individual.

“Telling lies, avoiding confrontation and sneaking around the spouse is stressful,” he said. Stress can cause a chain of chemical reactions in the body.

The heartbeat surges and so does the breathing pace. The blood pressure and serotonin level rises, resulting in calories being burned faster than normal.

Time to eat is reduced, while the person tries to conceal the extramarital relationship. All this takes its toll on the cheating spouse, resulting in weight loss.

For those who participated in the study, half of the men lost about 6 pounds while 62% of the women lost about 22 pounds.