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Professional sugar baby teaching students all about finding great sugar daddy by launching Sugar Daddy University

By Mason White 12:47 PM June 16, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A professional sugar baby is giving courses on how to land the perfect sugar daddy.

37-year-old Carla Abonia, has flown across the world.

Wherever Abonia went she received lavish gifts from rich men, who could not resist her company. However, she admitted that relationships are not always a straight line.

Recently, she teamed up with Alan Schneider, a sugar daddy, to form the Sugar Daddy University in New York. Five key elements are being taught at the university, sexuality, understanding, generosity, attraction and reciprocity.

They even have plastic surgeons as well as relationship and financial experts on hand to advise women how to look better. Abonia decided to be a sugar baby after being fed up with cheap guys.

“I’ll be putting together all my experiences to help other sugar daddies and sugar babies,” Abonia said. Schneider, who created the dating site, added that the university is there for people to have a better understanding of the unique way of life.

“Many women do not know how to approach men. They think that they are aggressive and predatory. We have to improve and educate both sides to treat each other with respect,” Schneider said.