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Teenager charged with sex crime after allowing homeless girlfriend to stay at his home

By Mason White 11:29 AM June 16, 2014
Man arrested illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A man’s good deed turned into a nightmare after he was
charged with sexual assault.

The man of Taiwan, was accused of sexual assault after he took in his 15-year-old girlfriend and had consensual sex with her.

The trouble began when 15-year-old Lin, was locked out of her house by her mother as punishment for coming home after curfew.

After her mother refused to open the door, the teenager called her father, who works in China, for help.

However, the mother refused to allow the girl back into the house despite her husband begging her to do so.

With nowhere else to go, Lin called her 18-year-old boyfriend for help and stayed with him for three days.
The two had sex while the girl was sleeping at his house.

The angry mother finally went to the boyfriend’s home with police, and brought the girl home. She insisted on filing charges against Yeh, for sexual assault and domestic disturbance.

Yeh was arrested on those charges. However, after investigating the incident, police dropped the domestic disturbance because Lin voluntarily went to her boyfriend’s home after she was locked out of her own house.

He was however, charged with sexual assault since he did sleep with the girl, who is under the age of legal consent.