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40 lawmakers of France visit families of kidnapped Israeli teens in the West Bank

By Mason White 4:24 PM June 17, 2014
Frankel family members 

By: Yifa Segal
Forty politicians of France, who are currently in Israel, visited the families of the three kidnapped yeshiva students, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The delegation of 40 French lawmakers came to Israel to commemorate 65 years of diplomatic ties between France and Israel.

It is the largest parliamentarian delegation to ever arrive in Israel, and its members include members of the Senate, national committee, mayors and former ministers.

Upon their arrival, and despite their extremely busy schedule, the delegation’s members asked to pay a visit to the families of the kidnapped Israeli teens. On Sunday morning, they visited the Nof Ayalon community, the hometown of the Frankel family, whose son Naftali was abducted by Palestinian terrorists on Thursday night.

The parliament members told Naftali’s parents that their hearts are filled with prayer, appreciation and love for them and the boys. “Your smile strengthens us,” said one French parliament member to Racheli, Naftali’s mother.

Meyer Haviv, the head of the delegation, told the Tazpit News Agency that the visitors expressed their sorrow for the poor and insufficient coverage this tragic event has received in the French media.

“Unfortunately, the French public is more interested in the World Cup than in the kidnapping,” explained Haviv.

Racheli responded that her son was also really looking forward to the tournament. “Naftali is just a normal child who ultimately just wanted to return home from school,” she told the French visitors.

According to Haviv, the visit with the family left a profound impression with the delegation members. “Our visit was held under a very dark cloud of a tremendously dramatic event which hasn’t received enough coverage in France. When you come face to face with such courageous people, it is certainly impossible to remain indifferent,” Haviv said.

The delegation’s members expressed their sympathy and solidarity with the victims of terror. “Sadly, we are personally acquainted with acts of terrorism, as it has struck us as well with the shooting and killing of innocent people in Brussels and Toulouse,” said Haviv.

Claude Goasguen, a former minister in the French government and the representative of the 16th quarter in the French Parliament, stated that he is determined to do everything he can to spread the family’s message.

“Although the issue is currently not receiving enough of the public’s attention in the world, we are aware of the power and influence embedded within the social networks, and it is beginning to pick up. We will make sure to spread the message in order to ensure the boys’ safe return to their homes as soon as possible. As far as we are concerned, there is no difference between these Israeli boys and the kidnapped girls in Nigeria, and we join the families in prayer for their sons’ return,” said Goasguen.

The Frankel family was touched by the parliament members’ visit. “It truly strengthens us to see this type of support from overseas. We hope to meet you again together with our son Naftali soon,” Racheli Frankel told the delegation.