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12-year-old boy injures his eye after lighting a bullet on fire for fun

By Mason White 12:15 PM June 17, 2014
Playing with fire illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A 12-year-old boy was taken to a hospital after experimenting with a bullet by setting it on fire.

The boy of Dayton, Texas, placed the ignited lighter underneath the bullet before it exploded in his face.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to an emergency call of a mother, Raquel Mendoza, who said that her son had found a .22 LR caliber bullet and decided to experiment with it.

The boy held the lighter under the .22 caliber round to see what happened, and the bullet exploded, sending shards of the bullet through his left middle finger and then into his left eyelid.

The injury was not considered life threatening so Mendoza decided to take his son to the hospital herself.

Captain Ken DeFoor with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, said that the child did not suffer any vision damage in the accident, but he does hope that he learned from the accident.

“There was a little blood and he will have some scars, but I think he did gain some knowledge,” DeFoor said, adding that the boy is lucky to have come out of the situation without being blinded.