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KFC worker kicks out 3-year-old girl because her facial injuries disturbed other customers

By Mason White 2:10 PM June 18, 2014
Victoria Wilcher 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) People are angry after learning that a KFC employee kicked out a little girl from a restaurant because of her facial injuries.

Now, KFC Corporation announced that it is investigating the employee of the restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, where the 3-year-old girl was thrown out because her facial wounds disturbed other customers.

The company is also said that it will give $30,000 towards the medical bills of Victoria Wilcher. Victoria Wilcher suffered injuries after being attacked by a pitbull.

Wilcher was wearing a cartoon decorated eye patch the day she entered the restaurant. “As soon as we were notified about this we immediately began an investigation as this type of action that hurts and disrespects would not be tolerated,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Her grandmother, Kelly Mullins, said that Wilcher had just been to a doctor when they stopped at the restaurant. She ordered mashed potatoes because the child can eat it without chewing.

Suddenly, the employee came over and told them to leave. Wilcher suffered from broken nose, jaws, cheekbones and right eye socket.