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New SOS mobile app that automatically alerts emergency personnel now available for Israelis

By Mason White 4:09 PM June 18, 2014
SOS app in action 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A company that created an SOS mobile application announced that it is making it available to the Israeli public in response to the recent kidnapping of three yeshiva students.

NowForce develops applications that help rescue workers in emergencies.

It created a national emergency alert system that will allow any Israeli to register and use the SOS App to get help when in trouble. According to a senior police official, the system could help save lives by ensuring that police and rescue workers know that it is a real emergency and need to act immediately.

The network began operating this week, allowing anyone to register to immediately alert the police, local security officials, family members and emergency response workers when faced with an emergency situation on the road, such as an attempted kidnapping.

The app creates a large SOS button on the users mobile phone. When the button is pressed the app alerts rescue workers in the emergency area, including the police, local security officials and rescue workers of Ichud Hatzalah.

The application shows them a map of where the incident occurred, and provides step by step directions to the site. The application also calls the police and sends the location of the caller to emergency contacts.