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120 police officers rescue thief after angry residents removed his clothes and beat him

By Mason White 1:35 PM June 18, 2014
The suspect saved by police 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man was subjected to street justice after he tried to rob a man at knifepoint.

Police in South Africa, battled to save a robbery suspect whose clothes were forcefully removed and was being beaten.

Angry residents threw stones and rocks at the man, and it took over four hours for police to finally save the man.

Residents in Mabopane, north of Tshwane, said that the drama began when the young man tried to rob a resident while threatening him with a knife about 5:00 a.m.

The victim began screaming for help, and residents came running. Soon, a crowd of 600 men gathered around the suspect. He was stripped and beaten.

He begged for mercy, but the beating continued. When the two officers arrived the 600 angry residents refused to hand over the man. They called for backup, but the cops were overpowered by the crowd.

In the end, 120 police officers were at the scene and clashed with residents. They fired warning shots and tear gas until they were able to reach the bleeding suspect.

Police spokesperson Llifi Ramatlo, said that the suspect has been taken to the Odi Hospital for treatment.