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Boy caught trading his medication for cheese snack at school

By Mason White 12:12 PM June 19, 2014
Drugs and Cheez-It 

By: Hydar Tomar
A boy was kicked out of school after he was caught trading his medications for snacks, school officials in Illinois said.

Now, the mother of the child is suing the school for sending her boy home.

The incident began when the 15-year-old boy traded his attention deficit disorder medication for a bag of Cheez-It and cash.

According to the lawsuit filed with an Illinois court, the Mathematics and Science Academy illegally expelled the boy because of the behavior he displayed during the transaction that was probably a manifestation of his disability.

The school nurse was very aware of the child’s condition because that individual was responsible for dispensing the medication to the child. The child admitted that he received several bags of chips and $3.00 as payment for his attention deficit disorder medication.

The boy claimed that the drug helped his partner study and do better in school. The lawsuit seeks a restraining order and injunction, preventing the school from expelling the child because of his disability.