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Fitness instructor’s oversized breast implants explodes after doctor made it too big

By Mason White 9:05 AM June 19, 2014
Kim Brockhurst 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman’s dream of having a beautiful body was shattered when her breast implants exploded.

The fitness instructor paid £4,000 ($6,800) for breast implants. However, the doctor accidentally made it way too big and it exploded.

51-year-old Kim Brockhurst of South Wales, wanted to increase her cup size from 32AA to 32B for some added “bounce in her step,” but to her horror, the doctor gave her size DD.

She had to learn to live with the huge chest, which can cause back pain amongst other issues, but she later realized that her breasts have become lumpy and deformed.

The implant exploded and the silicone began leaking into her body. She needed reconstructive surgery and is now a D cup.

She soon learned that she received implants made by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), which was found to have used industrial-grade silicone in its products.

Jean-Claude, the founder of PIP, has been convicted of aggravated fraud and was sentenced to four years in prison. The French government recommended that women who received the PIP implants have them removed.