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Doctors operate on woman to remove ovaries only to find a 9 pound baby inside her

By Mason White 9:25 AM June 19, 2014
Newborn babies at a hospital illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A young woman thought that she will never again be able to bear children, but instead, she was handed a healthy baby.

The mother came into the operating room to have her ovaries removed, but to her shock, doctors discovered a 9 pound baby growing inside her.

25-year-old Rebecca Oldham of New Zealand, was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and had to undergo surgery to remove her ovaries as it was deemed the cause of her pain.

When surgeons opened the woman’s body during surgery, they found the full term baby inside her.

“I was facing not able to have children because they thought there were problems with the ovaries, and suddenly we had a son,” Oldham said.

Oldham had undergone many tests including pregnancy tests before doctors established the cause of her pain.

She was admitted to Middlemore Hospital in Manukau City, for surgery. The surgeons were surprised to discover the healthy baby inside her. They awoke the new mother briefly to let her know that the operation was being changed to an emergency cesarean section.

Oldham, and her partner James Tipene, are already parents. Now, they and 20-month-old Hayley, are very happy with the new addition to the family.

The couple is now trying to figure out how they could have missed the pregnancy.