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Mother gives birth in back seat of car during 100 mile per hour police chase

By Mason White 12:49 PM June 22, 2014
Police officer holding baby Lola 

By: Aarav Sen
Police officers were shocked to discover that a woman gave birth while they were chasing after a car they thought was stolen, police in the United Kingdom said.

The birth happened when four unmarked police cars boxed in the suspected vehicle that was driving 100 miles per hour, on the M275 highway in Portsmouth.

Police officers at the scene believed that the driver was taking off on foot in order to evade arrest. Instead, Colin Ellmore opened the back door and helped deliver his granddaughter, Lola Mia Rose, on the side of the road.

“When we reached the car, we saw the baby in the hands of the man. We’ve never experienced anything like this,” a spokesperson for the Hampshire Police said. The mother of the baby, Tiffany, described the experience as pretty scary, but said that she was proud of her dad.

He realized shortly before the incident that the baby was coming. That is when the family got into the car and began driving to the hospital. As the car moved the water broke.

Suddenly, Lola’s head appeared. Despite the dramatic entrance into the world, Tiffany and Lola are said to be doing fine. Police said no action would be taken against the driver.