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Teenager’s testicles ripped off in bicycle accident

By Mason White 9:26 AM June 22, 2014
Xiao Pan at the hospital 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A teenager who was giving his friend a ride on his bicycle, suddenly crashed.

19-year-old Xiao Pan of China, was riding his bicycle on a farm in Guangzhou, when he crashed into a tree.

He was thrown forward by the impact, and his scrotum got stuck on the handlebars, tearing his testicles from his body.

According to a police spokesperson, the teen was riding down a slope. As his bike was gaining speed, he tried to stop, but the brakes did not work. The teen was sent flying, crashing directly into the tree.

45-year-old Lo Feng, who witnessed the accident, ran to help the teen. He was in a bad shape. The teen pointed to his groin area, where there was a lot of blood.

Feng called emergency workers, who rushed Pan to a hospital.

It took surgeons nine hours to replace the teenager’s testicles. Pan is reported to be in stable condition. Doctors believe that the injuries have not affected his sexual functions, but it is not yet known if his fertility was affected.