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Man fathers 26 children with 15 women while only 6 of the children live with him

By Mason White 10:40 AM June 22, 2014
Peter Rolfe 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man is making headlines again over his outrages decision to keep having children.

64-years-old Peter Rolfe, is a ladies man. Despite his age and disabilities, he manages to persuade much younger women to sleep with him and get pregnant.

Rolfe of Isle of Wight, England, is a father of 26 children from 15 different mothers. He does not have a job and lives off government handouts.

Interestingly enough, the kids range from ages 3 to 43. Some of the mothers are younger than his own children.

His older children now have children of their own, many of whom are also depended on the social system.

It had earlier been reported that Rolfe had 18 children by 10 women, but he has now revealed he has 14 boys and 12 girls. Who can blame him for the miscalculations? After all, it is hard to keep count of so many children.

Rolfe is the sole caregiver for six of his children. He has been fighting the government to receive a larger home.

He also had a disagreement with the Benefits Office over his weekly pay. He receives £800 (about $1,300) per week but claimed that he needed more.

Although Rolfe has not received a bigger house, he did win his fight over the cash payments. He will now receive money for his disability and his daughter will get paid to be his caregiver.