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Man earns $11 million by selling property on the moon

By Mason White 3:59 PM June 23, 2014
Moon deeds 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A man who claims ownership of the moon, said that he already earned more than $11 million by selling some of his properties.

66-year-old Dennis Hope of San Francisco, California, took advantage of a loophole in the U.N. 1967 Outer Space Treaty, to claim ownership of the moon.

Hope divided the moon into plots and sold them at his local bar and over the Internet through his company, Lunar Embassy. He charges $20 per acre or $25 including mineral rights.

Among his customers are Hollywood actors Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood, as well as Star Wars creator George Lucas. Hope said that six million people have bought property so far.

Hope has created its own state, the Galactic Government, in 2004, which has a ratified constitution, a congress, a unit of currency and a patent office. Each owner receives a gold embossed certificate and the right to vote in future elections.

Hope, a former used car salesman, investigated the law of land grabs before writing to the United Nations to claim the moon. He did not receive a reply rejecting his request, and therefore considers himself to have a legal right to the moon and all its minerals.

Hope also claimed ownership of other planets in the solar system and their moons.