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Dumb criminals shoot themselves in prison in order to file lawsuit

By Mason White 3:50 PM June 23, 2014
Kirk Cartwright, Joanne Billups, and Deshandre Billups 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Seven people were arrested after two men shot themselves in an attempt to sue prison officials.

The two inmates of Florida, along with five others, were arrested on Tuesday, in what officials described as a plot to sue the Florida Department of Corrections.

The department began its investigation against 33-year-old Kirk Cartwright, and 26-year-old Deshandre Billups, after they managed to get their hands on a .25 caliber pistol in the Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City.

The men told the guards that they were shot by an unknown person while praying in his cell.

Apparently, they had plans to shoot themselves and sue the prison system in an effort to settle for reduced sentences.

Now, they are facing five new felony charges, including possession of firearms and several counts of possession of contraband for cell phones.

Cartwright was already serving a life sentence for murder, and Billups was serving 20 years for armed robbery and theft.

A third inmate, 21-years-old Tony Underwood, who was also arrested for allegedly helping the men, was charged with introducing contraband into the prison. He is serving a six-year sentence for robbery and theft.

Cartwright’s girlfriend and Joanne Billups, the mother of Billups, were also arrested and charged during the investigation. Arrest warrants have also been issued to Cartwright’s sister and Underwood’s girlfriend.