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Letter sent to U.N. Secretary demanding to cancel non-member state observer status of the Palestinians

By Mason White 12:53 PM June 24, 2014
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon 

By: Aryeh Savir
A letter was sent to the U.N. Secretary General that demands that the U.N. cancel the non-member state observer status of the Palestinians, the Tazpit News Agency reported.

The Legal Forum for Israel, a body representing hundreds of lawyers and jurists from various countries, has sent a letter to Ban Ki-Moon last week, demanding that he retract all acceptance within the U.N. of the Palestinian Authority, and reject the Palestinian request to accede to international conventions.

Relating to the abduction of the three yeshiva students from Gush Etzion, author of the letter Alan Baker, former legal adviser of Israel’s foreign ministry, former ambassador to Canada and Director of the International Action Division of the Legal Forum for Israel, wrote: “We are, first and foremost, at the time of writing this letter, most distressed at the tragic situation in which one or more Palestinian terror groups, affiliated to what you and the U.N. regard as the ‘State of Palestine,’ considered to be a non-member state observer, have taken three Israeli young men hostage, in clear violation of all basic humanitarian norms and conventions. We feel that this action, together with the dangerous situation presently prevailing, is directly connected to, and emanates from the enhanced status that you and the U.N. have attributed to this Palestinian entity. By any basic criterion of international law and practice, this entity should never have been, and cannot be considered a state.”

Baker continues to state that by granting such status, the U.N. violated and undermined the Oslo Accords, the very agreements between the PLO and Israel, for which the U.N. has consistently expressed its clear support.

Baker goes on to point out that this situation is all the more evident and absurd in light of the incorporation of the Hamas terror organization into the governing structure of the Palestinian Authority, an action welcomed by the U.N. and Moon himself.

“No one, not even the U.N., can deny the fact that the Hamas terror organization is universally recognized as such. Hence the absurdity of the U.N.’s situation in hosting within its own ranks a terrorist entity,” stated Baker.

Baker finally demands action on the part of the U.N. “In light of the fact that the Palestinian non-member state observer has become an openly identified terrorist entity, we feel that it is incumbent upon you and the organization to act immediately to retract all acceptance and status within the U.N. of this terrorist entity, and to reject the Palestinian request to accede to international conventions, under the misleading and fraudulent claim that it is a state,” concludes Baker.

Former Ambassador Baker said that he was shocked by the “the U.N., the Secretary-General and the international community’s hypocrisy and selective one sided attitude. They are all ready to condemn Israel and to establish inquiry committees on everything Israel does, but ignore the significant damage against Israel and against all humanitarian norms.”