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New breast milk bank to supply free breast milk to premature infants born in Israel

By Mason White 5:03 PM June 24, 2014
Breast milk illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A new facility will begin to store breast milk to feed those babies, who were born prematurely or those with other medical issues.

The Israel Ministry of Health will establish the human milk bank for premature babies and babies with gastrointestinal defects.

Similar banks operate in the United States and other countries. Nine years ago, the Israeli Knesset passed a law to establish a national bank for breast milk for babies who are not breastfed, and therefore do not receive the nutrients contained in the milk.

Experts believe that the facility will be operational in less than a year. A small number of children whose mothers died in childbirth or shortly thereafter will have priority, as well as adopted children.

Donors will not be paid for their milk and the mothers of the beneficiaries will not have to pay for the milk. The donors will have to undergo blood tests every six months.