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Couple’s experiment with pop rock candy during sex leaves woman’s privates burning

By Mason White 9:14 AM June 24, 2014
The couple holding the pop rock candy 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A woman was taken to a hospital after pop rock candy got into her private parts.

The couple who recently had a baby, decided it was time for some romance.

They left their newborn with the husband’s mother and got into foreplay. To add to their excitement, the couple ate pop rock candies and kissed, sharing the tingling and popping sensation for added fun.

However, when the husband went down on his wife with a mouth full of rocks, the candy exploded inside her privates causing a terrible burning sensation.

The woman went to their local emergency room while suffering a lot of pain. The doctor who saw the woman, explained that it appeared as though she desperately needed to use the bathroom.

When the doctor tried to figure out what happened, the woman’s husband walked into the room. The two were too embarrassed to explain what happened.

The husband blamed his wife, saying that it was her idea. When they finally told the doctor about their experiment, he assured them that the popping and burning sensation will stop.

He gave the woman medication for the discomfort and the two were discharged from the hospital.