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Flatbush taxi driver orders his family to kill relatives of his daughter’s lover

By Mason White 4:03 PM June 25, 2014
Mohammed Ajmal Choudhry 

By: Aarav Sen
A man became extremely angry that his daughter ran away with her lover instead of starting a family with her cousin, prosecutors in New York said.

Brooklyn prosecutors said that the taxi driver will go on trial this week, for allegedly conspiring to kill the family of his daughter’s lover.

According to prosecutors, 61-year-old Mohammed Ajmal Choudhry, originally from Pakistan, told his relatives to kill the family of Shujat Abbas. Abbas is the boyfriend of his married daughter.

Choudhry forced his daughter, Amina Ajmal, to marry her cousin, Abrar Ahmed Babar. However, Amina fell in love with Shujat Abbas, and ran off with him.

Choudhry subsequently threatened family members of Abbas. Choudhry, who lives in Flatbush, engaged in telephone conversations with a co-conspirator in Pakistan.

Later, the father and sister of Abbas, were shot to death. Choudhry denied the allegations, saying that the family members of Abbas may have been killed over a land dispute.