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83-year-old man attacked in an anti-Semitic attack while participating in Bring Back Our Boys rally in Germany

By Mason White 4:10 PM June 25, 2014
Bring Back Our Boys car sticker 

By: Hydar Tomar
Jews in Germany, are shocked after an elderly man was assaulted in an unprovoked attack while participating in a Bring Back Our Boys rally.

The President of the Jewish Central Council, Dieter Graumann, said that he was shocked about the attack that occurred in Hamburg, on Friday.

During the rally, the 83-year-old participant was pushed by a counter-demonstrator to the ground and badly injured. Paramedics treated him at the scene, and transported him to a nearby hospital.

When the daughter of the injured man tried to help, she was also kicked by the counter-demonstrator. The counter-demonstrators belonged to the group ATTAC.

“The fact is that here in Germany there is such pure hatred of Israel, that it often culminates in assaults. This is frightening and extremely worrying. We wish the injured man a speedy recovery and trust that the authorities will quickly identify the perpetrator and hold him accountable,” Graumann said.