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Good-looking man’s face destroyed by injecting household products to stay young looking

By Mason White 2:26 PM June 26, 2014
Hugo Hernandez Garcia before and after 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man went from a good-looking and popular person to looking like a monster and being depressed.

Hugo Hernandez Garcia of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, was a good-looking man, but he wanted to look perfect.

In his quest for perfection, Garcia did some very strange things to his face. He injected household products into his face, believing that it was a low-cost substitute for collagen.

The results were pretty horrible and unfortunately, irreversible. He performed many surgeries using household products to make his skin look flawless.

During one of these surgeries he injected things such as baby oil in the face because he thought it was going to have the same effect as collagen.

Sounds like a bad idea even in theory, but Hugo was blinded by his addiction to enhance his beauty. A while after the procedure, his skin turned red and blotchy, and various parts of his face had swollen abnormally.

His handsome face is now more monstrous looking, lacking recognizable features. Not only were the eyes of Hugo ruined, but his health was affected quite badly as well.

While his condition is not painful, he now takes about 15 types of medications daily. He has to be on a special diet, drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol.

He basically needs to live a lifestyle that does not involve noise or stress. He has seen several doctors in the hope that the damage can be fixed, but nothing has worked so far.

“It’s a mistake I made and I am paying the price,” Hugo said. He wants people to learn from his mistake. He tells people to consult with appropriate medical experts before deciding to do any cosmetic surgery.