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Man spends $40,000 to buy up all seats of two movie theaters to prove woman wrong

By Mason White 11:55 AM June 27, 2014
Receipt for $40,000 in movie theater tickets 

By: Aarav Sen
A man flushed $40,000 down the drain by purchasing all the seats of two movie theaters in order to prove a woman wrong.

The man of China, who was dumped by his girlfriend seven years ago after he was unable to pay the movie tickets at a date, stated proudly on his Weibo account this week, that he had spent 250,000 yuan ($40,650 ) to book all seats two IMAX cinemas in Beijing.

He wanted to demonstrate that she was wrong for dumping him, he said. The man, identified only as Wang, wished to draw the attention of his former lover and show her that she had made the wrong choice in leaving him many years ago.

Wang said that anyone who retweeted his original post, might have a chance to win a ticket to the theater. The message was retweeted nearly 110,000 times.

However, some people questioned the authenticity and if this was all just a publicity stunt. In response, Wang published the invoice and the contract he signed with a ticket agency based in Shanghai.

Wang’s girlfriend left him seven years ago because he could not afford two movie tickets for a date. Now, he spent just half of his monthly income to book all seats of the two IMAX theaters so that his girlfriend will regret her decision.

Wang gave away 1,590 tickets to microbloggers who helped him spread the word.