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British Police place surveillance cameras to catch people having sex at rest stops

By Mason White 11:25 AM June 27, 2014
The Menai Strait 

By: Anika Rao
Police in the United Kingdom, have received many complaints of people having sex at rest stops.

Now, police in North Wales, have installed surveillance cameras to catch people who have sex at the Menai Strait scenic rest stop.

Couples who enjoy sex outdoors at the beautiful spot in Wales, have been warned by police that their acts will be recorded.

Officials warn love making couples to stop parking in the picturesque rest stop in the Welsh hills, at night.

North Wales Police said it will install CCTV cameras to catch people who are having sex in a rest area with spectacular views of the Menai Strait, which separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales.

Locals have complained about the view being spoiled by these sex romps. North Wales Police said they were taking a “multi-agency approach” to deter couples from having sex at that spot.

The rest area on the A5 is a popular spot for taking pictures of the Menai Strait, with the suspension bridge in the background, especially for wedding photographs. It is also used as a stop-off point for walkers who want to rest their legs.