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Mother of 4 children killed by jealous husband after he found her sending steamy text messages to man

By Mason White 11:32 AM June 27, 2014
The Langley family 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A woman is dead, her husband is in jail and their four kids were left without parents.

The married mother of four of Massachusetts, managed to call police to tell them that she was viciously stabbed by her husband.

The Plymouth District Attorney’s Office said that police responded to calls of a stabbing in the city of Rockland, on Wednesday night.

Officers found 52-year-old Patricia Langley, on the floor in front of her house, suffering from fatal stab wounds. Her husband, 56-year-old Richard Langley, was arrested at the scene after admitting to the stabbing.

According to court documents, Langley told police that he killed his wife because she cheated on him.

The father of the four grown children told police how he came home from a shopping trip at Walmart, and found “sexual” text messages to another man on his wife’s cell phone, causing him to “fly off the handle.”

Richard Langley confronted his wife about her alleged infidelity, but she refused to address the issue, which made him even more furious. That is when he stabbed her.

When he was led away in handcuffs, Richard Langley cursed at his dying wife saying: “die b***h die.” Patricia Langley was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Richard Langley was held in jail without bail.