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Scared cat seen jumping onto shoulder of police officer after house was burglarized

By Mason White 1:59 PM June 29, 2014
Cat resting on police officer’s shoulder 

By: Aarav Sen
A cat that was very scared when its owner’s house was burglarized jumped onto the shoulder of a police officer who responded to the scene, police in Oregon said.

Portland Police said that the orange cat followed the officers closely when they responded to the report of theft.

The incident began when police were called on Monday afternoon, by a woman who returned home from work to find that her house has been burglarized. When police entered the house to search for a suspect, Officer Sarah Kerwin found broken glass in the basement and in a bathroom.

Because the cat was walking across the floor, the officer allowed the cat to rest on her shoulder so that it does not injure itself. The happy cat climbed on her shoulder and remained there until police finished searching the house.

No thief was found. However, a neighbor reported seeing the thief entering the house.